How is your rate cheaper than Amazon Lending and Kabbage?

1. UpFund uses a flat fee rather then APR. This means fees are not annualized. If you receive a 10% APR loan with another lender you are paying 20% annualized. With UpFund 10% is 10% and final. 

2. UpFund offer no payments during lead and shipping time. With other lenders If you are a private labeler you will be paying principal and interest during lead and shipping time. 30 days manufacturing and 30 days shipping is creating more interest fees that you must pay without inventory being sold. So you must pay this principal and interest from your own pocket or borrow more money to pay this principal and interest you actually don't need. 
3. If you have a 60 day lead and shipping time we assume you create at least 3 orders per year. This means you are paying 6 months worth of principal and interest which is eating away your profits and your not selling product.