Is there a fee to invest?

Yes, we have to pay the bills. However, our fees end up being a tiny sliver of your gains! Here are the fees we charge along with an explanation of each:

1. UpFund charges a small fee for the initial investment. 9.99 or 2% of the investment, whichever is smaller. Much like the cost of investing with stock trading software, this allows us to cover the transfer fees we incur when we execute ACH transactions on your behalf. This fee is designed to net us zero profit.

2. 5% of the profits returned to investors. For example: If investor invests $1,000 at a 10% Return. Your profit is $100. Your payout will be $1,095 with a $5 fee paid to UpFund. This forces an alignment of our interest with yours and ensures we are incentivized to authorize only campaigns that will generate returns for our investors. This is the only time we make a profit, when you also make a profit :)

3. For certain Withdrawals. Investors can withdraw any amount once a month as long as they either invested in a UpFund campaign or received returns within that month. If those conditions are not met, here will be a fee of 2% of the money withdrawn, or $5, whichever is lower. If the mode of refund you choose has an additional fee, that fee will be charged as well. For example, if you choose to withdraw via Paypal, we would charge an additional Paypal fee of 2.9% + .30c. Bank connect withdrawals do not incur an additional fee.